CRIG Seminar November 2017 : Librarians as Researchers

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  • Speaker Presentations
    • Embracing your inner researcher: Strategies for successful research practice in the information professions[pptx] 5.20 MB
      Professor Lisa M. Given

    • A match made in heaven: Practitioners and academics researching together[pptx] 2.83 MB
      Dr Sue Reynolds and Ellen O’Hehir

  • Lightning Talks [pptx] 8.47 MB
  • Communities of Practice - Discussions Summary
    [to be uploaded] 

  • Breakout Sessions
    • Session 1 Moving from question to project: Creating meaningful research [pptx] 15.05 MB
      Anne Melles and Hannah Fulton

    • Session 2 Doing a PhD: Why on Earth would you do that to yourself?!
      [pptx] 4.49 MB
      Dr. Jane Garner and Romany Manuell 

    • Session 3 Break & enter: Research collaboration doesn’t happen overnight
      [pptx] 13.39 MB
      Maureen O’Brien

    • Session 4 Participatory research for a better library homepage [pptx] 4.73 MB
      Vernon Fowler
  •  Research Presentations
    • Session 1 The O’Donnell Marginalia Project: an accidental super collaboration [pptx] 11.31 MB
      Dr Julia Kuehns

    • Session 2 Open licensing information for online education [pptx] 3.88 MB
      Robin Wright 

    • Session 3 Gathering the glue and the glitter: a visual arts-based inquiry into academic perceptions of liaison librarians
      [pptx] 7.95 MB
      Deirdrie Gregory, Josephine Le Clerc and Marina Minns