CSCN events

The Customer Services & Collaboration Network runs two Community of Practice events each year, enabling frontline services staff to share ideas and tips in an informal, supportive environment. This page also includes information about past forums run by the Network when it was known as the Reciprocal Borrowing Advisory Group.

Events 2022

Community of Practice 2022 Session #1: What IS the ‘new normal’?

  • Can you concurrent? Accelerated changes in library education [PDF] 922KB
    Steven Tapping and Emily Russell, Librarians, RMIT University

  • Concierge to Ask the Library [PDF] 447KB
    Angela Kopelis, Coordinator, Library Services, RMIT University

Community of Practice 2022 Session #2: Changing ‘inaccessible’ to ‘accessible’ for our students

  • How do Autistic students experience a university library? An Autistic PhD student perspective [PDF] 919KB
    Clare O’Dwyer, PhD Candidate/Library Manager, RMIT University/Melbourne Polytechnic

  • AccessAbility @Swinburne [PDF] 406KB
    Megan O’Brien, Library Environment & Experience Team Leader, Swinburne University of Technology

  • Sensory environments: designing equitable spaces for students [PDF] 8.59 MB
    Andrea Hurt, Senior Librarian, Library Services and Spaces, The University of Melbourne

Events 2021

Community of Practice 2021 Session #1 & #2: Digital Literacy Skills for Staff and Students

Events 2020

Community of Practice 2020 Session #1: Library & Learning Skills: Riding the Rona Wave of Change

Community of Practice 2020 Session #2: Transition to online-only client services across 5 campuses

Community of Practice 2020 Session #3: The implementation of a “Click and Collect” service

Events 2019

Community of Practice 4 - Service Models

Community of Practice 3 - Orientation

Events 2018

Community of Practice 2 - Rostering

Community of Practice 1 - Digital Services

Reciprocal Borrowing Forum

CAVAL Reciprocal Borrowing Advisory Committee Forum 2016
Resource Sharing: Past, Present and Future
Held on Wednesday 3rd August 2016

The forum considered the broader reciprocal borrowing environment, introducing some resource sharing initiatives currently in use, and exploring future directions

Download Program

CAVAL Reciprocal Borrowing: past practice, future strategies [PDF] Michael Robinson, CEO, CAVAL

BONUS+ [PDF] Greg Anderson, University Librarian, University of Newcastle

CAVALborrow [PDF] Charles Barnett, Senior Coordinator, Loans, RMIT University

RapidILL [PDF] Pauline Middleton, Document Delivery Librarian, Monash University

Exposing shared resources using linked data [PDF] Sarah Sherman, Metadata Quality Coordinator, Deakin University