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CRIG webinars, June 2022

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Webinar 1
Tuesday 7 June 2022, 1.30-2.15pm

Beyond the chatbot… What is AI?
A webinar in collaboration between CRIG and AI4LAM

  • AI in the Realm of the Library [Slides]
    Gnana K Bharathy and Muhammad Ali

Webinar 2
Thursday 9 June, 1.00 – 2.30pm

Online; f2f; both; together?! How has your teaching changed in 2022?

  • Explore Your Online Library
    An Online Orientation Experience  [Slides]
    Sarah Brunton, Deakin University

  • AC⚡BC
    After Covid/Before Covid [Slides]
    Erin Roga and Peggy Hsu, Federation University

  • Together at La Trobe [Slides]
    Clare O'Hanlon and Freya Whaite, La Trobe University

  • Get oriented [Slides]
    Irene Guidotti and Jackie Waylen, Monash University

  • Can you concurrent [Slides]
    Steven Tapping and Emily Russell, RMIT University

  • Blended synchronous teaching [Slides]
    Guido Tresoldi and Mary Stone, The University of Melbourne

  • Changes and challenges, adapting in 2022: In person, Online in real time, Online self-paced or Hybrid [Slides]
    Kirstin Scholz, Victoria University