CRIG Seminar November 2010

Redressing the Duck:
Rethinking Information Literacy and Professional Practice

  • Program [pdf]
  • Presentations
    • Satificing Searching of the Digital Natives
      A recipe for disaster or the road to success?  
      Abstract and Biography [pdf] 64KB
      Associate Professor Gregor Kennedy, University of Melbourne

    • Learning in a virtual world: engaging students for information skills
      Blurb and Biography [pdf] 12KB
      Presentation [pdf] 4.13MB
      Kristen Blinco, Team Leader, Client Services, University of Wollongong

    • Creating the online 'Amazing Library quest'
      A practical discussion about the process of creating an online orientation to the Library
      Handout [pdf] 266KB
      Sue Little & Steven Yates, Monash University

    • Beyond subject guides: pushing the boundaries of LibGuides software, a Health Sciences perspective
      Handout [pdf] 81KB
      Katie Wiese, La Trobe University

    • The art of selling your message
      Handout [pdf] 899KB
      Katrina Barlow, Quality Improvement and Communications Coordinator, Deakin University

    • Understanding Tertiary Students: bringing communication barriers to the surface
      Presentation including participant's responses
      [pdf] 122KB
      Sharee Crocker, Teaching and Learning Librarian and Liaison Librarian (Education), Deakin University
      Sharon Chua, Business and Law Liaison Librarian, Deakin University