CRIG Seminar November 2009

Information Literacy in Interesting Times

  • Program [pdf]
  • Presentations
    • May you work in interesting times: librarian 2.0 and beyond [pdf] 189KB
      Helen Partridge, Queensland University of Technology

    • Student engagement in Australian tertiary education: What role for libraries?
      Presentation [pdf] 131KB | Handout [pdf] 103KB
      Marcia Devlin, Deakin University

    • Evaluation of an IL program for first year health sciences [pdf] 354KB
      Jenny Corbin, La Trobe University

  • Workshops
    • Workshop 1: Do all adults learn the same? [pdf] 578KB
      Frances Clarke-Wilson, Origin Training Solutions

    • Workshop 2: Information Literacy and the elephant in the room: A conversation
      [pdf] 1.95MB
      Barbara De La Harpe, Associate Professor and Dean Academic Development in the College of Design and Social Context, RMIT University

    • Workshop 3: Going global: Connecting international students with library services
      Presentation [pdf] 108 KB
      Recommended Reading [pdf] 14KB
      Pam Thomas, International Education Librarian, Victoria University
      Nicholas Pavlovski, TAFE Liaison Librarian, Swinburne University

    • Workshop 4: Bibliometrics: An insider’s view [pdf] 4.01MB
      Lynne Horwood, BioMedical Librarian, University of Melbourne
      Sabina Robertson, Arts Librarian, University of Melbourne
      Jenny Cameron, Research Librarian, Victoria University