PDIG webinar series 2

PDIG webinar series 2 2021

Boost your Comms Cred with Negotiation and Networking

Good communication is at the core of good working relationships. Join us over two sessions to gain an appreciation of the intricacies of negotiation and networking. Learn from our panel members as they discuss their lived experiences and share their learnt tips and tricks with professional negotiation in a variety of settings; and join with the renowned Linda Betts for a workshop on networking, building the cornerstone of working relationships.

Tuesday 7 September, 2.00 – 3.30pm AEST

Today we will be joined by three panelists (listed below) for a panel discussion on Negotiation within the library environment. You will be able to pose questions to the panelists during the event through Slido. Please submit your questions to them on the day via the Slido event link or by visiting Slido and using the event code #752993.

Bronwyn Hicks, Publisher Licensing Consultant, Collections, Copyright & Licensing, Deakin University Library

Bronwyn has worked in the licensing/copyright space for close to 20 years, starting off at Lonely Planet Publications as part of the Publishing and Author Services unit and then moving to her current role at Deakin University as Publisher Licensing Consultant. Bronwyn's main focus is license negotiation for third party content Deakin University acquire for teaching and learning.

Clare Carlsson, Director, Client Services and Deputy University Librarian, Deakin University Library

Clare has been the Deputy University Librarian and Director Client Services at Deakin University for five years. With more than 70 amazing staff in her portfolio, Clare’s responsibilities include the operation of five campus libraries and oversight of the Research and Liaison Services. During her career, Clare has gained extensive experience in both the higher education and public sectors. She has more than 15 years of experience working as a senior manager in university libraries including Monash, Swinburne and Deakin. Her experience also includes special and public libraries dotted along the Eastern seaboard from Cairns to Melbourne. Her special libraries experience encompasses such varied fields as medicine, health sciences, architecture, disability services, and economics. She has worked at several public libraries, having started her career at Wollongong Public Library believing her passion was in children’s services. Clare is strongly committed to providing an inclusive and quality experience for the university community.

Jaime McCowan, CEO, CAVAL Ltd

As CAVAL's CEO, Jaime knows the importance of transparency and collaboration in order to succeed. She makes a point of dealing with all stakeholders in a clear and straightforward manner. Underpinning this philosophy, Jaime has a genuine passion for understanding the diverse but precise needs of libraries. Through her dealings with internal and external stakeholders over her 17 years at CAVAL, Jaime has honed her negotiation skills and understands the importance of reaching solutions that satisfy all parties.

Wednesday 8 September, 10.30am – 12.00pm AEST

Today join with the renowned Linda Betts for a workshop on networking, building the cornerstone of working relationships.

COVID-19 has been, and continues to be, a game changer for the academic library sector – including in the way we network, build relationships with colleagues, and think about our careers. Linda's workshop will focus on harnessing the right mindset for networking, why it is more important to build a relationship than a network, and what the new world of networking looks like in our virtual world of Zoom and MS Teams.

Linda Betts, Director and Principal Consultant, Linda Betts & Associates

LinkedIn: https://au.linkedin.com/in/linda-betts-097ba923

Linda Betts & Associates is a consultancy specialising in organisational development, leadership development, mentoring program facilitation, and coaching. Linda has a Master of Business by Research, Bachelor of Applied Science and a Diploma of Education.
Linda has over 20 years’ experience in both the university and health sectors, working with academic library staff and leaders across Victoria and New South Wales, as well as community and not-for-profit organisations large and small. She understands the challenge and complexity of these industries and brings a high level of understanding of theory, evidence, case studies, and real-life experience.