CRIG workshop 2021

Wednesday 20 October, 2.00 – 3.30pm AEDT

DigiDeclutter: What works for you?

Drowning in data, lost in your files or struggling under an email avalanche? Join us for a digital decluttering experience that just might help your information and workflow juggling. We will dive into digital organisation theories and take some hands-on practical steps. It’s all about reflection and then doing – very much an informed action model. Classic reflective practice librarian stuff!

Come along to the session ready to look at your own digital behaviours. While tips, tricks and tools will be shared, it needs you to identify what will work best for your digital organisation life.

Your facilitators:

Karen Miller, Learning Coordinator, Curtin University

In her role as Learning Coordinator at Curtin University Library Karen develops learning programs, interactive activities and resources designed to develop information and digital literacies. In the physical world the Library Makerspace is Karen’s base, nurturing her efforts to bring a creative, experiential and playful approach to learning. In the virtual world, Karen loves to connect with the library world and beyond through the DigiDex Community of Practice.

Kat Cain, Manager, Digital Literacy Programs, Deakin University

Full of ideas and what if questions, Kat finds delight in new knowledges that emerge as part of her digital fluency work at Deakin University Library. The two aspects that bring Kat the most joy in working as a Librarian is the relational connections with colleagues and the stimulation of new learnings from both research and from listening to the lived experience of others.