PDIG webinar 2024

Career Journeys: Librarians at Every Stage

Thursday 15 August, 2.00pm – 3.00pm AEST

Please note: The webinar will not be recorded. It is free for staff from CAVAL Full and Associate Member institutions, with tickets available for staff from all other institutions for $50-55 (including GST).

At this webinar we will be joined by five people from different backgrounds who are at various stages of their library careers: one early-career librarian, three mid-career librarians and one retired librarian. Each speaker will share some of their journey to date, before the webinar concludes with a Q&A facilitated by Shona Smith.


Shona Smith, Executive Officer, Monash University
Shona provides executive support to the University Librarian at Monash University Library, and supports other initiatives such as staff professional development, student placements, and internal communications. In her spare time, she is an avid runner, reader, and knitter.


Zoe Keeghan, Library Services Officer, The University of Melbourne
Zoe has worked in libraries since 2020 and is currently a Library Services Officer at the University of Melbourne. Studying a Graduate Diploma in Information Studies, they are interested in improving library services and spaces, particularly in how they can be made more welcoming, inclusive and effective for students. She is excited to develop her skills and contribute to a field that truly matters.

Clare Duffy, Research Engagement Librarian, Australian Catholic University
With decades of experience in music performance, teaching and other ad hoc work, Clare switched careers to study librarianship, landing her first job at Federation University. A small, regional university with a diverse cohort, Federation University was the perfect environment to foster an ‘older’ new graduate, supporting Clare with opportunities to run innovative ideas while providing vital guidance.

Now at ACU in the Research Engagement team, Clare loves the challenge of learning about what motivates researchers. She still gets to teach, providing learning opportunities for HDRs and research staff in collaborative and creative ways.

Bernadette Gargan, Senior Research Librarian, La Trobe University
Bernadette is a senior research librarian working at La Trobe University in the library’s Researcher Services team. Bernadette has worked as a librarian in the UK and Australia. Library work had been interspersed with work as a midwife, before the final break with her former career occurred in 2010. She has worked in corporate, tribunal and academic law libraries. She’s been at La Trobe University since 2015 and has worked with undergraduates, postgraduates and researchers across a range of subjects including law, health, social sciences and humanities.

Tom Hyde, Senior Librarian, Library Services and Spaces, The University of Melbourne
Tom is a Senior Librarian in Library Services and Spaces at the University of Melbourne. Starting out as a library assistant at a TAFE library in 2011 and then as a cadet at the University of Melbourne, his career journey in libraries has had many twists and turns over the years with roles in liaison librarianship, learning technologies, IT, and frontline services management.

Peggy Hsu, Retired Liaison Librarian, formerly of Federation University
Peggy has been a liaison librarian with Federation University (nee University of Ballarat) for 18 years. During that time, she developed an online gamified version of the CRAAP Test, instructional videos for the library's YouTube channel, and likes to think she brought a general atmosphere of pop-culture nerdiness to the workplace.