CRIG Seminar December 2016

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  • Program [pdf]
  • Speaker Presentations
    • Every day I wear many hats. How the library can make them fit more easily [pptx] 6.17 MB
      Dr Brad Aisbet

    • I still haven’t found what I’m looking for: research tales from an academic library [pptx] 10.11 MB
      Dana McKay

    • Enterprise and acumen: real world information skills and employability for business graduates [pptx] 34.68 MB
      Paul Jewell

  • Lightning Talk [pptx] 11.94 MB
  • Communities of Practice Discussions Summary
    [pdf] 121KB

  • Breakout Sessions
    • Session 1 Microlearning @ RMIT University – Burst training for your mind [pptx] 4.22 MB
      Frank Ponte and Maha Abed

    • Session 2 Object Based Learning (not just the rarefied object). Librarians developing and supporting experiential learning opportunities in curriculum
      [pptx] 176 KB
      Mary‐Louise Edwards, Naomi Mullumby and Ruth McConchie

    • Session 3 YouTube annotations: make your videos interactive
      Presentation [pptx] 905 KB | Preparation [pdf] 277KB | Workshop [pdf] 1.32 MB
      Allie Ford and Kim Ferriere

    • Session 4 Systematic Searching for Systematic Reviews [pptx] 5.57 MB
      Steven Chang and Patrick Condon