CRIG Seminar 2021: Creativity Out of Uncertainty

9th, 10th and 12th November 2021

Carmel O’Sullivan, Director, Library Services, University of Southern Queensland


Carmel is the Director of Library Services at the University of Southern Queensland, and has significant experience in the library and information sector, ranging from pioneering a new national role for a top tier law firm, to managing a broad portfolio of cultural services for a local government, and roles at several Australian Universities.

Lyndelle Gunton, Manager, Open Knowledge Initiatives, University of Southern Queensland

Lyndelle is the Manager, Open Knowledge Initiatives, at the University of Southern Queensland Library. Lyndelle has worked in academic libraries for over 25 years across a diverse range of roles, primarily in the liaison and client service spaces, and is committed to developing a culture of evidence-based practice in libraries.

Clare Thorpe, Director, Library Services, Southern Cross University

Clare is an award-winning library leader, research-practitioner, and board director. She has worked in academic and state libraries for more than 20 years. Her passion is empowering communities to succeed and thrive by connecting people to people and people to information. She is the Director, Library Services at Southern Cross University and serves on the Board of the Australian Library and Information Association.

Anna Findlay, Senior Library Learning Advisor, La Trobe University

Anna is a Senior Library Learning Advisor at La Trobe University, supporting learning and teaching for various disciplines in Business and Allied Health. She is interested in academic engagement and curriculum-based information literacy; and has previously worked in school and academic libraries in Japan and Aotearoa New Zealand. Anna holds a Master of Information Management from RMIT University.

Heather Tera, Senior Library Learning Advisor, La Trobe University

Heather is a Senior Library Learning Advisor at La Trobe University, supporting learning and teaching for various disciplines. Heather holds a Diploma of Library and Information Services (Swinburne), BA Arts -Librarianship and Corporate Information Management (Curtin) and is currently undertaking a Graduate Certificate in Higher Education (La Trobe).

Tracey Whyte, Liaison Librarian, Monash University

Tracey is one of the HaSS Liaison Librarians at Monash University Library. She has worked with a number of Faculty teams since becoming a Librarian in 2003 and from 2015 onwards has worked closely with the Education Faculty, seeking opportunities to collaborate with academics and to promote and provide Library education and research programs, resources and services to Library users. She has contributed to a number of Library and Faculty events and initiatives including the Little Food Festival from 2019 onwards.

Samantha (Sam) Helfrich, Liaison Librarian, Monash University

Sam is one of the Monash College Liaison Librarians, at Monash University Library. She previously worked with the Education Faculty team as part of her portfolio, overseeing the Teaching Materials Collection at the Matheson Library. She has a Masters of Science (Library and Information Science) from Drexel University, and a Bachelor of Arts (English) from the University of North Florida in the United States. Over the last 12 years Sam has worked as a librarian in public, school, TAFE, and academic libraries.

Lisa Grbin, Liaison Librarian, Health, Deakin University

Lisa is currently a Health Liaison Librarian at Deakin University. With experience working in both public and academic libraries, Lisa is passionate about exploring, testing, and creatively applying different technologies and teaching practices to support the learning of others. Lisa embraces every opportunity to co-design and collaborate with colleagues and stakeholders to ensure learning experiences are exciting, visually appealing, and inclusive. During her spare time, Lisa indulges her habit of saving (hoarding) second-hand books.

Louisa Sher, Liaison Librarian, Health, Deakin University

Louisa is currently a Health Librarian at Deakin University, based in Melbourne. Louisa’s professional interest include online learning, systematic searching, and developing ongoing support for students to retain the skills and knowledge required as health professionals in the digital environment. In her personal life Louisa is a life-long musician who even plays a gig occasionally.

Rachel West, Liaison Librarian, Health, Deakin University

Rachel is a highly experienced Health Liaison Librarian, who has an esteemed 32-year career working between Victoria College and Deakin University. Working her way up from circulation clerk to reference librarian and serving as Liaison Librarian for Business, then Science and Technology before becoming a Health Liaison for the past 11 years. Rachel describes herself as a passionate reader and ‘typical librarian’.

Kat Cain, Manager, Digital Literacy Programs, Deakin University

Full of ideas and what if questions, Kat finds delight in new knowledges that emerge as part of her digital fluency work at Deakin University Library. The two aspects that bring Kat the most joy in working as a Librarian is the relational connections with colleagues and the stimulation of new learnings from both research and from listening to the lived experience of others.

Kristy Newton, Digital Literacies Coordinator, University of Wollongong

Kristy is the Digital Literacies Coordinator at University of Wollongong (UOW) Library, and has a passion for supporting people to be autonomous, confident, and discerning in digital spaces. She works collaboratively with staff across the institution in the development of digital literacy support resources and services, as well as supporting UOW Library staff through a well-regarded Library Digital Dexterity program. Recently, Kristy was part of a team that developed a set of Future-Ready Capabilities aligned to the Library’s Digital-First strategy, which will inform the professional development of the UOW Library staff over the next four years.

Anna Bailey, Manager, Learning Hub, La Trobe University

Anna has a Masters in TESOL and has worked for several decades as a teacher and manager in a range of educational settings, including twenty years in universities. Anna manages the Learning Hub, part of La Trobe University Library. The Learning Hub delivers academic skills and language programs, services and resources to help students succeed in their studies. Anna is passionate about supporting students’ success and loves leading teams to do outstanding work in this space.

Dr Zoe Thomas, Academic Skills and Language Advisor, Learning Hub, La Trobe University

Dr Zoe Thomas has a PhD in creative nonfiction and worked as an academic in Humanities and Social Sciences for eight years. At the beginning of 2021, she had a career shift into a role as an Academic Skills and Language Advisor on the Learning Hub team, at La Trobe University Library. She is passionate about delivering exceptional frontline support services for students, and is always looking for new ways to innovate and inspire.

Freya Whaite, Academic Skills and Language Advisor, Learning Hub, La Trobe University

Freya has a Master of Applied Linguistics and is continuing her studies in Adult Education. She began working at La Trobe University Library in mid-2020 as an Academic Skills and Language Advisor. Freya was inspired to change to a career in education when she first travelled overseas to work as an English teacher. Prior to this, she worked in digital marketing as a web writer. Now, Freya combines her love of education with a passion for communicating ideas and promoting the achievements of students and staff at La Trobe.

Nicholas Pavlovski, Liaison Librarian, Swinburne University of Technology

Nicholas has been working as an academic librarian at Swinburne University of Technology since 2005. His interests in librarianship include academic referencing practices, reference services, information literacy instruction for international students, and search theory and construction.

Anastasia Stepanovic, Law Liaison (Learning and Teaching) Librarian, The University of Melbourne
Twitter & Instagram: @anastpvic

Anastasia has been a legal researcher working in a law firm for eight years, is the president of the Victorian Australian Law Librarians Association, and is now working as the Law Liaison (Learning and Teaching) Librarian at the University of Melbourne. Anastasia is genuinely passionate about legal research and thoroughly enjoys teaching and educating others on how best to execute legal research.

Olivia Larobina, Library Cadet, Deakin University

Olivia is a Library Cadet at Deakin University. She collaborates with colleagues across a variety of teams, embracing opportunities to develop her skills as a librarian. Olivia enjoys learning about new digital tools to create engaging and visually appealing content.

Jo Chadwick, Library Adviser (Specialist), Deakin University

Jo is a Library Adviser (Specialist) at Deakin University. Her current role involves everything from frontline student engagement to training library colleagues. Other work experience has included libraries across Australia such as the University of New England, Central Queensland University Library, and the Department of Public Works Library (Brisbane). Jo's passion throughout her extensive library career has always been found in collaborating with colleagues on library projects, guiding new staff, and learning new digital skills.

Eddie Pavuna, Library Adviser (Specialist), Deakin University

Eddie is one of the Library Advisory staff at Deakin University. Having worked in various forms of customer service prior to joining Deakin, he is committed to helping people seek out information and the promotion of wider access to knowledge. Eddie enjoys learning new digital tools and discovering how they can be implemented in librarianship.